River Levels

Shannon: https://www.esb.ie/our-businesses/generation-energy-trading-new/hydrometric-information/river-shannon
A little convoluted, subtract the total water flow at Ardnacrusha from the total water flow at Parteen Weir to get the flow for that day (see warning below). The release data in cubic meters per second is shown in two pdf’s linked at the bottom of the page.
**Warning: The timing / accuracy of this information may change on or during the day as we have experienced. A visual guide based on observations, if the water is at the top of the rock cage at the get in the release is approximately 55 cubic meters per second. The normal release level is 10 cubic meters per second.

Clonmel: http://waterlevel.ie/0000016011/0001/day/
0.7 as the optimum height for the course.
0.8-0.9 gives a punchier wave on the weir and fatter eddies for teaching the top end of level 3 skills.
Above 0.9 the course starts to flush out and you get a decent flow of water going down the course.

The Rest:  http://riverspy.net/map.html