RSR 2 Sylabus

. General Aims
. Course Outline
. Applying to attend a Course
. Recommended Equipment List
. Guidelines

The RSR 2 is a two -day course designed for intermediate and advance level canoeists who wish to undertake relevant training in River Safety and Rescue techniques appropriate to water of Grade 3 and above difficulty. This is a follow on from RSR 1introducing more advanced rescue and safety training and techniques.

1.00 General aims of the RSR 2 The RSR 2 aims are to enable candidates to
1.01 To further enhance the understanding of rescue / safety protocols
1.02 To apply the correct method and equipment for a given situation
1.03 Execute self-rescue
1.04 The rescues of others in grade 3 / 3+ water
1.05 The recovery of equipment from grade 3 / 3+ water
2.00 Course Outline This is designed to be a flexible course to allow for students needs and previous experience- notwithstanding this the core element of the syllabus must include:
2.01 Personal Equipment
2.02 Prioritising Rescue
2.03 Systematic approach to Rescue
2.04 Extraction of Foot / Body Entrapments, Broaching / Pinning
2.05 Self Rescue
2.06 Throw Rope Rescue Techniques
2.07 Advance Hydrology / Dynamics of River Features
2.08 Advance Anchor Points and Belaying
2.09 Shallow Water Crossing Methods
2.10 Defensive, Aggressive and Combat Swimming
2.11 The Use and Applications of Vector Pull, Tensioned Diagonal,V-Lower, Z Drag
2.12 Communication
2.13 Leadership roles and decision making on a riverbank.

3.00 Applying to attend a course
This course is open to all who have completed RSR1 and wish to build on their river
safety skills.

4.00 Recommended Equipment List
4.01 Buoyancy Aid with integrated harness
4.02 Throw Bag
4.03 Knife
4.04 Length of Webbing / Open Sling 4 /5 metres in length
4.05 Closed Sling
4.06 Screw Gate Karabiner x 2
4.07 Prussic Loop x 2
4.08 Adequate Footwear
4.09 Wet suit / Dry suit
4.10 Thermals
4.11 Helmet
4.12 Whistle

• The RSR 2 training course should be delivered and run on water of Grade 3 / 3+ difficulty
RSR 2 course can only be delivered by a currently registered Level 4 Instructor who is a member of the RSR 2 Course Trainer Panel.
• The course student / trainer ratio is a maximum of 4:1